The Dimeprint Salad Sign range is available in two standard sizes. The “long” ticket (SAFT6) is ideal for displays. The “Short” ticket (SAFT0) is useful on small containers or can be used to identify salad dressings at your Salad Bar.

All tickets connect to Dimeprint’s System components. For pricing your salads, use the relevant promotional Ticket shown on “Promotion Topper and Tickets” Suggested Components for this industry TB2, HB, TB1,RB, ER, THR. Note:These components are the commonly used items, however the System enables you to use other components (See Accessories &Components and Dimeprint ticket System), also please study the relevant pages for ideas.

We have over 100 Names in Stock If you would like the list in excel form please send your request We will email it to you.