HB The most important component for the systemIt’s required for each ticket to connect it to other components———-Item Code:HB

TB2 Tray Clip Stainless Steel————————Item Code: TB2SS

(New)THSStainless steel Multi-Use single piece card holder————-Item Code: THS

Tray Base Angle Clip (Clear)————————Item Code: TBA

Ticket/Card Holder – 25mm (Clear)—————-Item Code: THE25

Ticket/Card Holder – 50mm (Clear)—————-Item Code: THE50

Thick Ticket/Card Holder – 25mm——————Item Code: TTHE25

Thick Ticket / Card Holder -50mm—————–Item Code: TTHE50

M.I.T.Variable Angle Base (Clear) -50mm——Item Code: VB50

Large Clip-in Numbers——————————-Item Code: NOL

Small Clip-in Numbers——————————-Item Code: NOS

Hinge Block w/ Stainless Steel Spike———–Item Code: HB2MS

Hinge Block w/ Plastic Spike———————Item Code: HB4PS

Fixed Base Tag Holder 50mm——————-Item Code: FB50

CL0,CL1,CL2,CL3,CL7 These clips expand to fit all round or square foods

Round Base provides a stable base for tickets————————Item Code :RB

Square Base can be used under a tray or Wedged in between products——Item Code: SB

Extension Rod is used to raise the ticket when trays are “Full” of product—Item Code: ER

Multi-Purpose Clip On Sign Holder—Item Code: THR

Harp Ticket/Card Holder 35mm (also available 70mm &100mm)—–Item Code: THH

Suitable for all Cards, Laminated Plastic Tickets Etc.———-
Item code Ticket Pin

Other Clip and Stand